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Payment Options

Methods of payment accepted are cash, check, Zelle® and Venmo but we prefer contactless payments via Zelle® and Venmo.

Please make all checks payable to Agnes Housekeeping Co. Payment for service is due on or before the day of service. A 5% per month late fee will be assessed for late payment. A minimum charge of $35.00 dollars will be charged for returned/bounced checks in addition to any outstanding amounts.

If you buy our services online in the shop, you can pay Debit or Credit Cards too

We will send to you 1 or more workers depends on availability and your needs.

So 'how much I will pay?' you can ask. It's easy:


1 worker x time of cleaning x $


2 workers x time of cleaning x $


3 workers x time of cleaning x $

For example:

1 worker x 4h x $39 =$156

2 workers x 2h x $39 =$156 - they will work 4h together

2 worker x 4h x $39 = $312 - they will work 8h together

Mopping the Floors
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